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Class Descriptions

An age-appropriate syllabus has carefully been developed for each class/level. It is reviewed with every RDC staff member before classes begin each fall. These lessons are taught throughout the year and culminate in a June recital. Material covered includes: terminology, technique, basic anatomy, health, injury prevention, stylized/character dancing, presentation, responsibility, respect, and teamwork.
Peridot and Ruby Classes: Combo classes that introduce ballet and tap terminology in an age-appropriate manner through the use of imagery and props. Emphasis is placed on social skills and coordination. Peridot classes are 45 minutes (20 minutes ballet, 20 minutes tap) - Ruby classes are 1 hour (30 minutes ballet, 30 minutes tap) with the option of 1/2 hour jazz class add-on. Ruby classes begin to focus more on the correct execution of steps and are introduced to simple formations. These classes are great introductions to the joy of dance!
All other Gem Classes: Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern, musical theater, pointe, and/ or a combination of these. Ballet, tap, and jazz at Sapphire and Pearl are solely offered as a combo.
Classes at all other levels are taken separately ~45 minutes-1 hour each. This gives dancers the freedom to choose which dance styles they prefer.  Starting in Sapphire level and continuing with increasing focus through Diamond level:
~correct body placement and posture are emphasized ~balance, strength, and flexibility are practiced
~rhythm and musicality are stressed
~aspects of performance /showmanship are taught
Ballet: Barre technique, center floor, and across the floor exercises taught in the Cecchetti method. Please consider when choosing classes: Ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms. It will markedly improve your technique in all other classes. Ballet is a requirement for all lyrical, modern, and pointe classes.
Pre-Pointe/Pointe: ages 12+ by the start of September. The ballet teachers will decide who is ready for pre-pointe/pointe based on the dancers' strength and technique in class.
Tap: Warm-up, exercises across the floor, and combinations exploring various rhythms and styles.
Jazz: A full stretch followed by technique and combinations (splits, leaps, kicks, turns...) in the classical style.
Musical Theater: Broadway musical - type dancing with high energy, lots of fun and "character" dancing.
Lyrical: A combination of ballet and jazz reflecting a wide range of emotions and musical interpretation.
Modern: Dancers rebel against the classicism of ballet~ they purposely aim to look "off-balance" . It is a grounded interpretation of inner emotions.
Hip Hop: The latest moves taught to appropriate pop/hip hop music.


Dance Teams

Our Dance Teams are advanced choreography classes. Dancers are chosen/placed based upon the following:  a September to June commitment in each of the required classes, a focused, motivated attitude, an exemplary attendance record~ this includes tardiness and leaving classes early,  respect for oneself, classmates, and teachers, and the ability to display adequate technical proficiency in each of their main classes. Dancers are recommended by their current teachers.

Emerald & Diamond Team (1 1/2 hr): ~13+
Required Classes: ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical

Opal Team (45 minutes): ~11-14
Required Classes: ballet, tap, jazz

Amethyst Team (45 minutes): ~11-14
Required Classes: ballet, tap and jazz

Garnet Team (45 minutes): ~10-11
Required Classes: ballet, tap and jazz

An advanced choreography class is a great goal to strive for, if that is the direction your dancer would like to go in.  We attend local conventions, offer master classes, and perform locally.

We also offer a competition team ~try-outs occur in the Spring for the following year


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